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Coban Marketing is a data-driven marketing agency that uses the power of data to provide the best possible ROI. Whether you need a new website or a Facebook ad campaign we have you covered.


Our goal is to make sure our clients are happy with the services they receive. We truly care about creating lasting client relationships that stand the test of time. We produce almost all your content over a month in advance to ensure that what you receive blow your expectations out of the water.


Getting Started on Instagram

Getting Started on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the entire world. Being a user on Instagram can have many advantages for every business and be useful in quite a few situations. All that's nice, but how do you really get started on Instagram?...

Why You Should be on Instagram

Why You Should be on Instagram

Instagram might just be the most underrated social media platform in the world. People are sadly ignoring a fantastic way to grow their business and attract a following. Instagram is becoming more and more of a ‘must-have’ for businesses today. This platform has an...


Coming August 2019! If your company is not ready to take hire on a marketing agency the Coban Marketing youtube channel is the perfect place for you to start. Our channel will teach you everything you need to do to launch your brand and begin marketing to potential customers. The channel will cover the following topics:

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is essential to any business that is looking to grow their brand awareness and present their business to the world around them. We will cover how to create style guides, customer profiles, positioning statements and more!


Social Media

We will show you exactly  how to set up your social media profiles to ensure your business looks professional. We will also show you how to rapidly create social media content that will engage your audience.


We will teach you how to create a simple modern website and the ins and out of SEO. You will also learn what contributes to search engine rankings and what you need to do to rank higher.  


We will tech you exactly how to get local media sources to write articles about your business! 



And More!

These are just a few areas of marketing we will cover on our channel.




Are you looking to grow your business?

Marketing Mastery Podcast

Coming September 2019! Our Podcast will launch with 5 episodes all related to various marketing related tips and tricks to help grow brand awareness and skyrocket sales. We will cover everything from social media to direct mail.

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