Instagram is a fantastic tool for businesses and not only stands as one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but it easily has the highest engagement rate. Branding on Instagram might just be the most effective type of branding for your business. But what exactly is Instagram branding? Do you need it right now? How can you do it? Is there anything important I should know before starting? These are all very important questions you must know before you start your Instagram branding, luckily these also happen to be the questions that are about to be talked about.

What is Instagram branding?

Branding on Instagram or ‘Instagram branding” is essentially creating an easily recognizable Instagram account by posting consistently within your brand theme and interacting with your following. It is something that helps distinguish you from your competitors by making yourself unique and appealing, and it is a way for your followers to help identify you and remember you. The goal of Instagram branding is to have a clear defined logo, a great social reputation, amazing posts following the same theme, and an engaging following all come together to create a profile with a standout professional look.

Why is Instagram branding important?

The importance of Instagram branding is very high and defined by many things. First and foremost, it builds trust with your following. People are much more likely to want to do business with a company a great, standout professional profile. Similarly, it also helps drive traffic to your site. Even though you can only have one link to your website in your bio, with branding, you will get a lot more people interested in your business and therefore more conversions.

Instagram branding will also help your logo gain more recognition. This is good because your logo is the most important thing to recognize because it is always the first thing anyone will see when they come across your company.

A great company will be able to generate an effective referral system via satisfied customers that trust in the brand. Customers who know the company and know its dependability because of Instagram branding are much more likely to recommend your company to a friend or just talk about you.   

Workplace morale can actually be boosted by Instagram branding. By giving the workplace, a strong brand to work for you will notice that they will be more proud with their job because working with a reputable brand is much more appealing to the public than working for an unknown brand. 

How do you build Instagram branding?

The first rule of Instagram branding is to be honest with everything you post and have on your profile. For instance, don’t buy followers, because anyone and everyone will be able to tell that your engagement rates will be way too low for your posts. Though slower, it would be much more beneficial to grow your audience with real people. Generally, followers won’t be fooled by dishonesty, and it will add an unappealing factor to your profile more than anything else.  

Another thing that’s unappealing to customers is not to try and sell your product to them. In other words, don’t post ads in your feed for your followers to see. Just focus on posting great content, and they will buy on their own.

Posting great content is, in fact, one of the keys to any successful branding campaign. It is the substance that will keep all of your followers interested and happy. Quality content goes a long way when trying to build your brand.

Showing user-produced content is another way to gain the trust of your following. By interacting in that way with your followers, you can develop even more trust. It won’t only create awareness that you interact with your followers, but seeing other people enjoying your product creates a ‘want’ for it for other people.

You can also use Instagram analytics to find out which posts perform the best and discover the demographics of your following to see who you might want to target more and who you are doing great with. 

Engaging with your followers is one of the most important brand-building strategies. Followers love seeing brands interact with their audience. Just a few personalized replies per post goes a long way.

What is the importance of brand consistency?

Brand consistency means having the same logo, same name, and same overall theme between all of your digital media, especially social. This keeps your brand from developing many different interpretations and changes, which is important because when your brand is constantly changing, it tends to have a much more negative effect than positive. In fact, brands are built through consistently delivering what the company stands for. Consistently leaving your customers satisfied is very helpful for being promoted and for customer loyalty. This fact does not mean that you can’t change. Being consistent actually gives you a better basis on which to change. Once your brand is appreciated and reputable, it will allow for much more ease when it comes time to change.

How can I stay brand consistent?

You can stay brand consistent by having ‘brand guidelines’ or a general set of rules that has a concise definition of the brand and helps guide the brand so that it stays similar across all platforms. This would prevent your brands from having completely different personalities across each different platform, as it would not be appealing for your company’s Instagram profile to be lighthearted and funny, but your LinkedIn to be solemn. It’s fine to be more professional, but you should be able to keep the same tone. Also, make sure your brand’s content calendar is just about in sync across all platforms and that in stays in your niche. This way, there won’t be any misdirection between your followers.

You should constantly be building and developing your brand through Instagram and while being consistent through all other social media platforms. It could be extremely beneficial to your company to have and utilize Instagram branding under your belt and could make success a lot easier.


Connor Huddleston

Connor Huddleston