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More Clients

It can be hard to get new clients in a competitive industry. We help you show potential clients the value of you over your competitors.

More Referrals

We help build lasting relationships with your past clients and implement tactics that will help increase the number of referrals you receive.

More Brokers

Our marketing strategy will also help your business get more brokers by providing marketing that will help them get more clients.

Our Solution

In an industry where client acquisition is primarily dominated by referrals and networking, the idea that you can use "marketing bring" in client and grow your commercial real estate company can seem far fetched. Many marketing agencies will slap together the same strategies they use for other service-based companies and use it as marketing for commercial real estate companies. That's why at Coban Marketing we have designed a framework for Commercial Real Estate Companies to sustainably bring in more clients. Our framework involves leveraging LinkedIn and your website to sustainably bring in more client. We do this by NOT focusing on marketing your company but instead focus on marketing the brokers. Referral based businesses are built of relationships. By marketing the brokers rather than focusing on the company you instantly move your marketing efforts from being informative to personal and relationship building. The best thing is not only will you be gaining clients but creating a reason for brokers to want to work for your agency over your competitors. Below is exactly what channels we leverage to make this happen.
Linkedin Content
We create articles, graphics, and videos for the company and brokers designed to build relationships and grow industry expertise.
Website Content
We create content for your website to ensure when potential clients reach your site they understand the unique value your business has over your competitors.
Email Marketing
We implement a complex yet automated email marketing solution to ensure relationships with clinks and potential clients are always growing.
Paid LinkedIn Advertising
We layer personal brand build ads on to content to expand a brokers network.
We make sure your website is showing up as close to the top of search results as possible.

Why Choose Coban Marketing?

We are a data-driven marketing agency who wants to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to blow your expectations out of the water and ensure you see the value in everything we do!

Personalized Strategy

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Our approach to digital marketing is highly tailored to our clients and is not just a “boxed” strategy we implement for every business.

Certified Marketers

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Every member of our team is a certified digital marketer!

High Performing

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Not only do our services look amazing they perform amazingly too!

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