Influencer Marketing

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WHAT IS Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements from influencers, people and organizations who possess an expert level of knowledge and/or social influence in their respective fields. Influencer marketing has been growing in popularity and in 2019 it is red hot. A recent study showed that 49% of people use influencers recommendations to make purchasing decisions. This means that almost half of your audience is likely relying on the thoughts of an influencer to decide whether or not to buy your product. Influencer marketing works for all types of businesses and is a great way to get your brand out to your target audience.

Our Approach

At Coban Marketing, we take a very tailored approach to influencer marketing for each of our clients. We first research your social profiles to create accurate customer profiles that we can use to match with influencers in our influencer network database. We then use this influencer network database to find influencers who have audiences that match yours. Next, we reach out to these influencers to launch a campaign with them. Then we manage and analyze the campaign's performance.

Why Choose Coban Marketing?

We are a data-driven marketing agency who wants to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to blow your expectations out of the water and ensure you see the value in everything we do!


Personalized Strategy

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Our approach to digital marketing is highly tailored to our clients and is not just a “boxed” strategy we implement for every business.

Certified Marketers

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Every member of our team is a certified digital marketer!

High Performing

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Not only do our services look amazing they perform amazingly too!

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