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Here is a deeper look into how we operate at Coban Marketing. We aren’t your traditional marketing agency. We are fast moving, forward thinking, and data focused. This means you’ll always get the best results possible. Start working with us today!

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We first analyze data pulled from your previous content and marketing efforts to find commonalities between similar performing pieces of content. By comparing all aspects of the content we are able to narrow down what works and what does not. Once we have analyzed your page we then look at your biggest competitors and do the analysis on their content. This allows us to better a great baseline understanding of your customers. We then begin doing market, industry, and customer research to breakdown all your target audiences to very granular details.


Using what we gathered from the research phase we begin developing a strategy. This strategy will be cumination of our research, your goals, your brand, and best practices.


Next, we take all the data we discovered in the previous stage and use it to create a database of lingo, wording, and phrases that match your brand identity while appealing to your audience. We then take the content research and plan out a series of content tests to answer the missing gaps in the data. Next, we create the planned content to match the wording database we previously produced and begin testing the content.


Now, we analyze our test data to see what worked and what did not. This will allow us to find those missing data points need to produce the highest quality content we can.


Now, we use the newly collected data to refine and improve our content plan and wording database. This will allow us to create the optimal creative with the optimal wording to get the best result possible.

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