Social Media Ads

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WHAT IS Social Media Ads?
Social media ads are text, photo, graphics, and video-based ads ran on various social media platforms. The big players in this category of ads are Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Social media ads are the best bang for the buck advertising in 2019 when done correctly.

Our Approach

At Coban Marketing, we take a very tailored approach to social media ads that is focused on the needs of each company we work with. We create ads on all of the top platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses. We also create ads on niche platforms for businesses whose industry has platforms specific to them. The first step in our social media ads process involves meeting with our clients to understand their goals for each social media ads. Once we have a good understanding of our clients' goals, we begin the research stage. The research stage involves us compiling all of your past social ads as well as your competitors' social ads to find commonalities in the results. We then take these commonalities and create ads to test the data gathered during the research phase. We then repeat this process until we have found the best types of ads that provide the best ROI and meet the agreed-upon goals. What makes this method highly effective is that it enables us to effectively and efficiently find the ads that your audience wants to see. This is something that many social media ad strategies fail to do. Instead of focusing on the outcome of an ad they focus on the design.

Why Choose Coban Marketing?

We are a data-driven marketing agency who wants to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our goal is to blow your expectations out of the water and ensure you see the value in everything we do!


Personalized Strategy

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Our approach to digital marketing is highly tailored to our clients and is not just a “boxed” strategy we implement for every business.

Certified Marketers

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Every member of our team is a certified digital marketer!

High Performing

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Not only do our services look amazing they perform amazingly too!

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